• Image of You Can Do Better - 12" *signed*
  • Image of You Can Do Better - 12" *signed*

sparkly 12" of our 2014 album. SPARKLY!!!

includes collage insert poster and DL code.

Features these songs:

1. Shipping
2. Le Sigh
3. In Capitals
4. Riff Glitchard
5. The Last Queens of Scotland
6. Stop Talking About Ghosts
7. Wifi Beach
8. To The Death
9. Le Schwing

we can totally personalise this; if you'd like us to sharpie yours or that special someone's name on it, plz tell us in the paypal comments section xo

no multibuy discount cos we have to package these guys separately. and, also sorry on behalf of our lame postal service for being so expensive..