• Image of Grace and the Bigger Picture - CD *signed*
  • Image of Grace and the Bigger Picture - CD *signed*

Our 'turbulent' second record, made by Alex Newport at Futuresound in Brooklyn, 2009.

Features these songs:

1. Choose Yr Side And Shut Up!
2. Security To The Promenade
3. Ghost The Festivals
4. Feels Like Summer
5. Illchoosemysideandshutup, Alright
6. Criminals
7. Custom Scenes And The Parties That Make Them
8. More Heart, Less Tongue
9. Kingston Called, They Want Their Lost Youth Back
10. I Woke Up On A Beach In Aberystwyth
11. (Graces)
12. Dark Harbourzz
13. Every Cloakroom Ever
14. More Tongue, Less Heart
15. The Coast Was Always Clear

we can totally personalise this; if you'd like us to sharpie yours or that special someone's name on it, plz tell us in the paypal comments section xo

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